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Kebab Crash Horror

A horrified fiancée was impaled next to her dead husband-to-be when steel rods from a truck in front of them came shooting through their taxi windscreen during a high speed shunt.

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  • This_dedicated_cop_is_all_set_to_clean_up_the_mean_streets_of_Jinhua,_in_Zhejiang_province,_eastern_China_-_just_as_soon_as_he's_given_his_patrol_car_a_quick_wash_and_brush_up.
    Cop In Hot Water
    This dedicated cop is all set to clean up the mean streets of Jinhua, in Zhejiang province, eastern China - just as soon as he's given his patrol car [...]
  • A_British-owned_iPhone_App_that_plays_nursery_rhymes_to_kids_is_being_used_to_advertise_Scientology_to_children.
    Scientology Targets Kids
    A British-owned iPhone App that plays nursery rhymes to kids is being used to advertise Scientology to children. [...]
  • When_farmer_Li_Jingchun_decided_to_make_his_boyhood_dream_of_owning_an_airliner_come_true,_it_was_never_going_to_be_more_than_a_flight_of_fancy.
    Plane Crazy
    When farmer Li Jingchun decided to make his boyhood dream of owning an airliner come true, it was never going to be more than a flight of fancy. [...]
  • A_crackpot_prankster_has_set_up_a_Facebook_page_for_a_suicidal_pothole_that_wants_to_end_it_all_after_pleas_to_have_it_repaired_were_ignored.
    Tar Tar Cruel World
    A crackpot prankster has set up a Facebook page for a suicidal pothole that wants to end it all after pleas to have it repaired were ignored. [...]
  • Worker_Zhao_Ping_stripped_naked_and_set_fire_to_his_bedsit_in_a_furious_protest_at_not_being_able_to_find_a_job.
    Nude To Town
    Worker Zhao Ping stripped naked and set fire to his bedsit in a furious protest at not being able to find a job. [...]
  • The_Natasha_Kampusch_investigation_took_a_bizarre_twist_yesterday_(Wed)_when_it_was_revealed_that_a_far_right_Freedom_party_official_had_asked_a_sympathetic_police_officer_to_try_and_get_a_DNA_sample_from_a_school_kid_he_believed_was_Natasha's_secret
    Natasha Kampusch Baby Dna Test
    The Natasha Kampusch investigation took a bizarre twist yesterday (Wed) when it was revealed that a far right Freedom party official had asked a sympa [...]
  • Poland's_only_officially_registered_ghost_hunter_has_accused_the_spirit_world_of_giving_up_on_mankind_-_and_he_wants_a_census_to_check_his_theory_that_there_are_fewer_spirits_bothering_to_stay_and_haunt_people.
    Census Plan To Monitor Vanishing Ghosts
    Poland's only officially registered ghost hunter has accused the spirit world of giving up on mankind - and he wants a census to check his theory that [...]
  • German_police_have_stepped_up_investigations_into_the_
    Horny Mafia
    German police have stepped up investigations into the "rhino horn mafia" after linking the latest theft in Offenburg, Germany, to the murder of a 23-y [...]
  • A_woman_expecting_her_first_baby_is_involved_in_a_desperate_race_against_time_to_find_a_medical_team_who_may_be_able_to_help_her_after_pressure_on_her_swelling_boobs_could_burst_her_poisonous_PIP_breast_implants.
    PIP Implant Woman Appeal
    A woman expecting her first baby is involved in a desperate race against time to find a medical team who may be able to help her after pressure on her [...]
  • Plumber_Ye_Lei,_41,_proved_he_was_no_drip_after_he_managed_to_work_out_how_to_keep_his_clothes_dry_when_a_car_knocked_over_a_hydrant_at_Ningbo,_in_eastern_China’s_Zhejiang_province.
    Sexy Plumber
    Plumber Ye Lei, 41, proved he was no drip after he managed to work out how to keep his clothes dry when a car knocked over a hydrant at Ningbo, in eas [...]
  • Officials_in_Salzburg_arguably_most_famous_for_its_links_to_Mozart_are_up_in_arms_over_a_campaign_that_shows_the_composer_relieving_himself_of_Mozart_Balls_on_a_shop_counter.
    Load Of Mozart Balls
    Officials in Salzburg arguably most famous for its links to Mozart are up in arms over a campaign that shows the composer relieving himself of Mozart [...]
  • Drug_dealer_Sanjeen_Goyal,_37,_was_wrong-footed_smuggling_heroin_by_customs_officials_in_Zurich_airport_after_he_strapped_it_around_his_ankles.
    Wrong Footed
    Drug dealer Sanjeen Goyal, 37, was wrong-footed smuggling heroin by customs officials in Zurich airport after he strapped it around his ankles. [...]
  • Animal_lovers_have_forced_a_bizarre_traditional_dog-spinning_ritual_to_be_scrapped_in_parts_of_rural_Bulgaria.
    Wuff Justice
    Animal lovers have forced a bizarre traditional dog-spinning ritual to be scrapped in parts of rural Bulgaria. [...]
  • Motorist_Radu_Antonescu_couldn't_work_out_just_why_a_parked_car_he_spotted_looked_so_familiar_-_until_he_clocked_the_numberplate_and_realised_it_was_a_complete_clone_of_his_own_hatchback.
    Twinned Turbo
    Motorist Radu Antonescu couldn't work out just why a parked car he spotted looked so familiar - until he clocked the numberplate and realised it was a [...]
  • A_speeding_trucker_is_being_quizzed_by_police_after_a_teenage_student_was_crushed_to_death_under_his_cargo_of_10_tons_of_steel_pipes_in_a_freak_accident.
    Crush Hour
    A speeding trucker is being quizzed by police after a teenage student was crushed to death under his cargo of 10 tons of steel pipes in a freak accide [...]
  • Cheeky_employment_agency_boss_Jean-Paul_Reid_is_cleaning_up_-_with_a_fleet_of_naked_cleaners.
    Buffing Up
    Cheeky employment agency boss Jean-Paul Reid is cleaning up - with a fleet of naked cleaners. [...]
  • Flood_chaos_has_swamped_huge_parts_of_Austria_after_record_snowfalls_melted_in_a_spring_thaw,_leaving_some_neighbourhoods_under_several_feet_of_water.
    Floody Freezing
    Flood chaos has swamped huge parts of Austria after record snowfalls melted in a spring thaw, leaving some neighbourhoods under several feet of water. [...]
  • A_farm_where_bidders_vote_for_the_pig_they_want_to_be_turned_into_sausages_has_become_an_online_sensation_in_Brandenburg,_Germany.
    Pig Brother
    A farm where bidders vote for the pig they want to be turned into sausages has become an online sensation in Brandenburg, Germany. [...]
  • Drunk_driver_Lin_Hen_caused_train_chaos_when_he_tried_to_drive_home_from_a_night_on_the_tiles_-_using_local_railway_tracks.
    Raily Drunk
    Drunk driver Lin Hen caused train chaos when he tried to drive home from a night on the tiles - using local railway tracks. [...]
  • Cheapskate_hubby_Zhu_Lin_refused_to_splash_out_when_his_wife_wanted_new_mudguards_for_her_electric_bike_-_and_made_a_set_out_of_old_water_bottles_instead.
    Splashing Out
    Cheapskate hubby Zhu Lin refused to splash out when his wife wanted new mudguards for her electric bike - and made a set out of old water bottles inst [...]
  • Dozens_of_children_fled_in_terror_when_a_school_bus_burst_into_flames_in_Bispingen,_Germany_-_after_its_loo_caught_fire.
    Flash Fire
    Dozens of children fled in terror when a school bus burst into flames in Bispingen, Germany - after its loo caught fire. [...]
  • A_crook_who_swindled_more_than_1_million_GBP_from_a_bank_has_become_a_hero_on_Facebook_after_footage_of_him_in_action_was_hailed_by_fans_for_getting_one_over_on_greedy_bankers.
    Robbing Hood
    A crook who swindled more than 1 million GBP from a bank has become a hero on Facebook after footage of him in action was hailed by fans for getting o [...]
  • Furious_homeowners_are_suing_builders_in_southern_China_after_they_pulled_down_their_apartment_block_while_they_were_out_to_reduce_a_massive_compensation_claim.
    Flat Rate
    Furious homeowners are suing builders in southern China after they pulled down their apartment block while they were out to reduce a massive compensat [...]
  • A_driver_has_told_of_her_terror_when_her_car_disappeared_down_a_giant_six_foot_deep_pothole_when_it_suddenly_opened_up_in_a_road_in_Ramnicu_Valcea,_Romania.
    Pot Gear
    A driver has told of her terror when her car disappeared down a giant six foot deep pothole when it suddenly opened up in a road in Ramnicu Valcea, Ro [...]
  • Green_car_designers_have_set_out_on_a_900_mile_charge_across_Europe_to_show_how_easy_their_electric_motors_are_to_use.
    Watt A Motor
    Green car designers have set out on a 900 mile charge across Europe to show how easy their electric motors are to use. [...]
  • A_driver_and_her_two_passengers_astonished_rescuers_when_they_survived_after_plunging_40ft_off_an_unfinished_bridge_workers_had_forgotten_to_seal_off_from_traffic.
    Bridge Too F-aaahhh
    A driver and her two passengers astonished rescuers when they survived after plunging 40ft off an unfinished bridge workers had forgotten to seal off [...]
  • Critics_might_call_him_a_crackpotty,_but_loo_manufacturer_Gao_Jianguo_thinks_his_flushed_out_a_winner_after_discovering_a_way_to_adapt_reject_toilets_into_school_desks.
    Crackpotty Desk
    Critics might call him a crackpotty, but loo manufacturer Gao Jianguo thinks his flushed out a winner after discovering a way to adapt reject toilets [...]
  • Police_asked_callers_to_pull_the_udder_one_-_when_they_rang_in_to_report_a_cow_waiting_for_a_train_in_Steinfurt,_Germany.
    Silly Moos
    Police asked callers to pull the udder one - when they rang in to report a cow waiting for a train in Steinfurt, Germany. [...]

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Latest News


Former Mrs Croatia gets position on Supervisory Board
Former Mrs Croatia and Mrs Globe pageant Natasa Munitic, has been appointed by the government as a member of the Supervisory Board of Croatian Motorways (HAC), reports daily Vecernji List.

Guns N' Roses coming to Split
Famous American hard rock band Guns N' Roses have announced they will be playing a one off concert in Croatia this summer in the Dalmatian city of Split.

Film about war sex crimes to screen in Zagreb
The International Tribunal for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) will be organising in Zagreb, a showing of the feature documentary film that shows the role of the ICTY in prosecuting crimes of sexual violence committed during the war, reports Croatian radio televison.

Financial Times names Jastrebarsko in top 10 most perspective Southern European cities
One of the Financial Times publications, fdi magazine, the leading bi-monthly title for the business of globalisation, has named the small town of Jastrebasko in the county of Zagreb in Croatia amongst the top ten most perspective cities in the Southern Europe section of the European Cities and Regions of the Future list for 2012/13.

Croatian footballers get life ban
Two Croatian first division footballers have received life bans for their part in the match fixing scandal "off-side", which rocked Croatian football recently.

Tea removed from Croatian shelves
Tea from the Burdock root manufactured by the Herbarium company was taken off the shelves in Croatia yesterday (Thurs) after traces of the poison Atropine were found in a batch.

Real estate prices continue falling in Croatia
Real estate prices continued a downward trend in Croatia according to data released by real estate portal Prices dropped 0.7 per cent in February from the previous month and by 1.4 per cent compared to the same period last year, reported

Croatian Tarzan arrested for keeping tigers
Croatian Steve Sipek, who emigrated to Canada in 1959 from Croatia and played the title role in several Tarzan movies, was arrested in Florida after officials of the Agency for Protection of Wild Animals seized two tigers and leopards from his home yesterday, reported Tportal.

U.S. Ambassador: Croatia hostile to investors
The U.S. Ambassador to Croatia has gone on the attack saying that the investment climate in Croatia is not just unattractive but in some cases actively hostile. James B. Foley made the comments during his visit to Thursday's rally organised by the Institute for Innovation.

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival heads into its 8th year
Latin music and dance lovers from around the world will descend on the northern Adriatic city of Rovinj for the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, which will be held from 19 to 25 June.


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