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Water Way To Go

Swiss breakdown services had a call from a Swiss motorist after he complained his car had broken down – on a sandbank.

Driver Benjamin Becker, 62, had lost control in icy conditions as he travelled down a small private road and ended up in the middle of the Kleine Emme river in Wolhusen, Switzerland.

Instead of sinking the car floated off down the river for several hundred metres with the driver still inside calling for help.

The trip downstream ended when the car wedged onto a sandbank in the middle of the fast flowing river. A group of builders working nearby rescued the panicked man by driving out using a huge digger. They then allowed him to climb into the shovel to bring him back to shore.

But they were unable to rescue the car and the driver who escaped with nothing worse than wet feet was able to call rescue officials.

He said: "I told them my car had broken down – and it was on a sand bank in a river. They didn't believe me until they'd seen it for themselves."

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Colombian Croat football player wanted by Genoa and Vitesse
He still admits there was no interest from major Croatian clubs to sign him, but the interest came from other countries. "Not from Croatia. From Holland, Vitesse FC. They wanted to sign me on scholarship basis as well as Genoa from Italy", the player has revealed to Croatian Times.

Foreign investment in sixty percent of a decrease
Foreign investment in Croatia has seen a decrease of 60 percent in 2013 in comparison with the year before.

Toxic smoke hits Zagreb
A fire in a waste recycling centre in the Croatian capital Zagreb has been brought under control over Monday night and early Tuesday morning. However, firemen are expected to be there controlling it for another two days.

Davor Suker won a new mandate as CFF president
Davor Suker, 46, has won a new mandate as the president of Croatian Football Federation.

Snow returns to Croatia
Snowing has returned shortly in Croatia on Tuesday hitting spots like Biokovo mountain in the south, Begovo Razdolje in western part of the country, and even Sljeme near the capital Zagreb.

Special police secure Nauta Lamjana shipyard
Some 100 members of special police forces have secured the Nauta Lamjana shipyard on the Croatian island of Ugljan on early Monday morning.

Zrinka Cvitesic wins Lawrence Olivier Award
Croatian actress Zrinka Cvitesic has won a prestigious British theatrical Lawrence Olivier Award.

Pula opens eco market
An eco-market will be organized on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the western Croatian town of Pula.

Humanitarian pedalling from Osijek to Djakovo
Over 100 cyclists took part in a 80 kilometres long race between eastern the Croatian towns Osijek and Djakovo.

Agrokor signs a deal with Sberbank
Russian bank Sberbank has this week agreed to lend 600 million Euro to Croatian company Agrokor.



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