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ATM Thats Cash Point-less

This ATM in western China is so hard to get to that fed-up customers in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, say it's completely cash point-less.

Access to the hole-in-the-wall is blocked by a huge ledge which users have to crouch on just to get to the keyboard.

"It is very frustrating and every time you use it you end up looking a complete idiot. It's as if they don't want us to get to our money," said one.

Branch manager Xu Miao explained: "We are a very small branch and we have no room for an ATM inside."

"This is a rented office and our landlord won't let us make any alterations to the exterior of the building so I am afraid we have nowhere else to put it.

"We're on the lookout for a more suitable building but until then we'd ask our customers to accept our apologies and try to put up with it," he added.

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World's oldest Aga discovered in Croatia
Lead researcher Marcel Buric - from the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology at Zagreb's Faculty of Philosophy - said the find was significant because the kiln was covered to protect the rest of the building from fire.

Varazdin helps flood hit Gunja
The Northern Croatian town of Varazdin has collected donations worth over 50,000 Euro for the floods hit eastern village of Gunja.

Drunken and violent Poles arrested in Zadar
Two Polish tourists have been arrested in Croatian coastal town of Zadar.

Six arrested as Israeli football fans attacked in Split
Police in Croatia have arrested six people for an attack on Israeli football fans in a street in the centre of the Adriatic port of Split.

Great start for Croat clubs in Europa League
Croatian football clubs have started with maximum points in qualifications of the Europa League.

Blanka Vlasic delights with her football juggling skills
The world's high jump champion Blanka Vlasic has delighted her fans with her football skills.

Rainbow Warrior visits Adriatic
The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior has arrived for a visit in Croatia.

World Academy of Arts and Science organizes courses in Dubrovnik
In Autumn 2014 The World Academy of Art & Science and The World University Consortium are organising graduate level courses at Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Eduardo joins Flamengo
The agreement between the forward and Flamengo will be signed on the morning of Thursday, at the clubhouse in Gávea. Just as was done with the Argentine Héctor Canteros, he should receive the shirt of Flamengo from a partner-supporter chosen by the club. It is likely that he will use the number 23 at least until the end of the season.

Rijeka to open concession contract for Tito's yacht Galeb
Officials in the western Croatian city of Rijeka have decided to put out a concession contract for the luxury yacht Galeb once owned by the former Yugoslav president Tito.



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