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Cough Up or Its a Crummy End for Your 30 Inch Biscuit

Pranksters who stole a giant gold plated biscuit from outside a German biscuit factory have sent a bizarre ransom note from the Sesame Street cookie monster.

The note - made of words cut from newspapers - is accompanied by a picture of the TV favourite threatening to gobble up the 30 inch high biscuit stolen from outside the Leibniz factory, Bahlsen, earlier this month.

In the note, the thieves say factory bosses will never see the 50lbs biscuit again unless they donate 1,000 GBP to an animal refuge and give thousands of free biscuits to a local children's hospital.

"But not those biscuits with dark chocolate or without chocolate. I have the biscuit and you want it," adds the ransom demand.

But local police have failed to see the joke and are investigating the theft as a full scale extortion bid.

"It might have been a prank but if so it is one that could have very serious consequences," said a police spokesman.

The biscuit - put above the factory entrance in 1898 - is one of the most iconic images in the German food industry.

The snack's original name, Keks - after the English word cakes - has become German slang for all biscuits.

"It would be like someone stealing a gold plated cup of tea or a bottle of HP sauce in Britain," explained on expert.

A factory spokesman said: "This biscuit means a lot to us, our workers and our customers and it's worthless to the people who stole it.

"Once they've enjoyed their joke, I'd ask them to return it to its rightful place."

Company chairman Werner Bahlsen put up a reward of 1,000 Euros for any information leading to the recovery.

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Tourism ministry prepares better strategy to attract Chinese tourists
Around 45,000 Chinese tourists visited Croatia in 2013.

Croat pensioners wrongly thought they were millionaires
An elderly couple in Croatia thought they were millionaires after they found a pile of money in their home - but they had forgotten that former Yugoslav dinars are no longer valid.

Tickets already sold out for two of Croatia's matches at the World Cup
Two out of ten sold out matches for the World Cup in Brazil are those where Croatian national team will play.

Damir Kajin launches a new political party in Istria
Independent representative in the national parliament, Damir Kajin has announced the launch of the regional political party Istrian Democrats.

French court stops the case against Bob Dylan after Croats sued him
A court in the French capital Paris has stopped the case against the rock star Bob Dylan over inciting racism.

Colombian Croat football player wanted by Genoa and Vitesse
He still admits there was no interest from major Croatian clubs to sign him, but the interest came from other countries. "Not from Croatia. From Holland, Vitesse FC. They wanted to sign me on scholarship basis as well as Genoa from Italy", the player has revealed to Croatian Times.

Foreign investment in sixty percent of a decrease
Foreign investment in Croatia has seen a decrease of 60 percent in 2013 in comparison with the year before.

Toxic smoke hits Zagreb
A fire in a waste recycling centre in the Croatian capital Zagreb has been brought under control over Monday night and early Tuesday morning. However, firemen are expected to be there controlling it for another two days.

Davor Suker won a new mandate as CFF president
Davor Suker, 46, has won a new mandate as the president of Croatian Football Federation.

Snow returns to Croatia
Snowing has returned shortly in Croatia on Tuesday hitting spots like Biokovo mountain in the south, Begovo Razdolje in western part of the country, and even Sljeme near the capital Zagreb.



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