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Croat architect is a star of an international event in Trieste

Croatian Times

What principles, strategies, techniques and policies can help a better and more sustainable growth of our urban situations? How did some European cities, such as Ljubljana and Rijeka, deal with urban development and urban regeneration in the last ten years? What are the processes that led to the creation of the project of the M9 museum of Mestre? What examples can Trieste and other Friuli Venezia Giulia region cities draw of those experiences? These are the central themes of "What happens in the city: some current practices of urban regeneration in Europe," a meeting scheduled for Saturday, December 1st at 5 p.m., at the Auditorium of the Museum Revoltella in Trieste, during the second edition of "Piazza dell'Architettura - Architecture's Square". The event is divided into two parts. In the first part, two architects, Janez Koželj, vice-mayor of Ljubljana and Saša Rancic, former President of the Architects of Croatia, and a university professor, Guido Guerzoni, teacher in the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management of Bocconi University of Milan, will present recent experiences of redesigning urban areas to provide a better quality of life for citizens, regarding Ljubljana, Rijeka and Mestre. Koželj, now at his second term at the Town Hall of the Slovenian capital, will examine the role of the Municipality and the lines that guided the restructuring of urban areas to implement community services; Rancic, being a professionist, will instead emphasize the point of view of the projecting architect. Guerzoni, finally, will take examples of the management of urban regeneration processes, starting from the case of M9 Museum, a cultural center in Mestre, and illustrate other cases of success and no. In the second part, these three guests will debate with two Town Councillors of the municipality of Trieste, Andrea Dapretto, Councillor of State Property, Urban Heritage, Public Works and Elena Marchigiani, Councillor of Urban Planning, Mobility and Traffic, Private Buildings, Home Policies and Complex Projects. The purpose of this debate is to identify possible technical and cultural links with Trieste, but also the emergence of stimuli for the future development of other Italian cities. A meeting not only for professionals, but open to everyone interested in learning more about themes related to everyone's life and to citizens' contingent needs: city development, landscaping, traffic management, public areas and green spaces, areas for children and for parking.

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