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Vodnjan priest has expelled 6,000 scantily-clad tourists

Croatian Times

The priest in charge of St. Blaise Church in Vodnjan in Istria has expelled over 6,000 visitors in the past couple of years for inappropriate behaviour and indecent exposure.

The church - located several kilometres from Pula – is well-known for the mummified bodies of three saints and more than 350 relics, and Marijan Jelinic is committed to making sure it gets the respect it deserves.

"We remove around 2,000 tourists from the premises annually. This year, we have already expelled 1,000." The visitors are usually "distanced" from the premises for not respecting the dress code that forbids clothing that is too short or revealing.

But some locals are unhappy about Jelinic’s methods. "It is not right. He is too strict and that makes younger people, especially, distance themselves from the church," local resident Nevia Mirkovic said.

Jelinic earned the wrath of some locals when he kicked out a BBC crew for lights that he believed would damage the relics.

Local resident Livio Belci believes that the priest should adjust his methods in view of new times and ideas, the daily Vecernji List has reported.

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  • Dominique wrote on 06. 09. 2010 from Paris, France

    I love this priest! I wish there were more like him.


  • Jude C. Ndukwe wrote on 21. 08. 2010 from abuja, nigeria

    "the way you dress determines the way you are addressed". when you have hundreds dress as if they are in a club house when they are actually in church, there's every probability innocent passers-by would think the church is a club house, thereby limiting the oppotunity for the church to win souls for Christ


  • Michael wrote on 21. 08. 2010 from Colorado

    It is good to hear a Priest chastise those who aren't thinking about how they dress in public. Even one Priest here in Grand Junction , Colorado told us at the beginning of one Mass, that "if you're dressed like your going to the beach, you're not dressed for Mass."


  • Sue wrote on 21. 08. 2010 from USA

    I wish someone had let me know how immodestly I was dressing in my late teens, early 20's or had pointed out to me where, in the Bible, it says if a man even LOOKS at a woman lustfully, he has committed adultery. I CAUSED men to look at me that way. I am so saddened when I think of that. Thank God for the sacrament of reconciliation. People, especially young girls/women, need to know this. They have no accountability for how they dress and what it may cause. God bless that good priest.


  • jacque wrote on 20. 08. 2010 from san diego

    watch out joseph, for yourself..the problems come from the heart...the one that may love the Lord more then any other, may not be dressed nice or have a veil, i pray the muslems find and love our lady and Lord Jesus, they look at the heart!


  • Lisa Marie, SFO wrote on 20. 08. 2010 from Las Vegas, NV, USA

    It is so refreshing to discover there are still good priests out there willing to put themselves on the line, rather than just trying to win the popularity vote. America was scandalized when a girls soccer team wore flip-flops to meet the president. But it's ok to go in tank tops and shorts into God's house? Keep up the good work Padre!!!


  • Joseph wrote on 20. 08. 2010 from Texas USA

    More and more, I believe that just as God allowed the the vicious neighboring tribes that lived around the Israelites in the Old Testaments to punish and correct them when they strayed, so too God will use the Muslims to punish and correct Christians for the immodesty of western women. Included in this is the lack of head covering especially in Church. I would not be surprised if God would allow Islamic law to be imposed on many western nations to correct the dress and behavior of western women.


  • Louis wrote on 20. 08. 2010 from FL

    Immodesty at mass was so blatant and complaining to the priests brought no relief is why I will no longer attend a novus ordo mass ever again.


  • Tanya wrote on 20. 08. 2010 from south carolina

    I'm sure Father Jelinic has posted a sign outside of the Church about the dress code. He is right to send them away after explaining the reason. He is giving them a fraternal correction. He is helping them understand modesty, which nobody has taught them. I don't think it has anything to do with the Novus Ordo, I believe it's bad parenting and pressure fom the norm of the world. He is right, praise God.


  • Paula wrote on 20. 08. 2010 from australia so true!


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