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British newspaper publishes photo of Croatian actor as Nazi

Croatian Times

A cover photograph for a story about the death of† Nazi war criminal Samuel Kunz published by the British newspaper The Independent shows not the man in question but the Croatian actor Ljubomir Jurkovic.

Although the caption refers to Samuel Kunz who is held responsible for the death of 430,000 Jews, the photo was not of him, but a shot from the award-winning Croatian film "The living and the dead" ("Zivi i mrtvi"). The directorial debut of Kristijan Milcic had won numerous awards at several film festivals.

In the movie, Jurkovic plays an "ustasha", a member of the Croatian Revolutionary Movement which collaborated with the Nazis during the World War II.† The photo published by The Independent shows him wearing a typical hat that was part of an ustasha uniform.† Jurkovicís face seems to have been additionally retouched to show an older man, the daily Vecernji List writes.

Jurkovic is bitter about the published photograph and is announcing court action.

"This is horrible, and a big insult for me, my town and the whole of Croatia. I first have to consult a lawyer, but I will certainly ask for an apology and will press charges. I will give half of the compensation money to humanitarian causes," says Jurkovic.

"They show me as a Nazi and a war criminal, but in a series of cases I have been proved to be a democrat," says Jurkovic, who has a tattoo of Israelís former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.† His body is covered with tattoos which include 122 historical personalities.

The Independentís newsroom seemed in shock when they received the phone call from the daily Vecernji List. They took down the information about the actor and the movie, but had not called back with an explanation. The movie producers say that the photo used is in the ownership of the production.

"We must consult our lawyers and distributors regarding the next steps," said Marijo Vukadin from one of the producers, Olimp production. "What has been done is unacceptable," he adds.

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