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Norwegian mass murderer Breivik comments on Croat-Serb relations in his manifesto

Croatian Times

Anti-islamic fanatic Andreas Breivik responsible for the murderous rampage in Norway has contemplated Croat-Serb relations in his 1,593-page long manifesto.

In his writing, Breivik mentions Croatia 70 times and says right-wing Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) and Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) can be counted on in the future "to rid Europe of Muslims," daily Vecernji List writes.

For Croats and Serbs Breivik says they are "first Slavic tribes that came to the Balkans, five hundred years ago before the first Muslims, and when we, conservatives, finally acquire control in western Europe, we’ll help Serbia and Croatia to be finally free."

The 1,593-page manifesto filled with racist and islamophobic remarks has since been removed from the internet. The writing was so detailed that it even contained the name of a medal to be given to those that would fight against Muslims in what Breivik calls "occupied Croatian and Serbian territories currently known by names of Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina."

According to Breivik, conservative Europe will not tolerate wars between Christians, but will focus on fighting Islam.

"Every animosity between two Christian countries such as recent war between Croatia and Serbia, will be considered animosity between the future Christian conservative alliance of Europe and will be seriously punished," Breivik said.

HSP head Danije Srb said he was horrified about the fact that a criminal such as Breivik would name his party on the list of "friendly" organisations. "HSP had sent official condolences to the Norwegian embassy in Zagreb because we empathise with Norway's pain." The party has denied any connection with Breivik. It adds that he is a man who openly favoured Serbs and has condemned NATO intervention in Serbia and therefore "it is clear that our positions are not even close," Srb said.

Dinko Buric from HDSSB said it is not clear why this "monster" - who committed a crime that can be compared with the worst massacres that took place during World War II or in Srebrenica and Vukovar - would name HDSSB in his manifesto.

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