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Croatia real estate

Serbia questions dividing of ex Yugoslavia property

Croatian Times

Serbian Group for Succession chief Oliver Antic has said Serbia will seek a review of some agreements on the division of property in the former Yugoslavia.

He also noted that that the previous government "made some absurd concessions," Radio B92 reports.

According to Antic, Serbia "did not act like a good host in many cases" during the succession process, "but this will now change".

"We agreed to cede a hectare of land in Ankara to Sarajevo, which Kemal Ataturk gave to King Aleksandar (the first king of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), and also a building that represents a replica of the building at Andricev Venac (in Belgrade), where the Serbian presidency is situated," Antić told Belgrade-based daily Vecernje Novosti.

He also said that Macedonia wants to get the embassy building in Sofia that Serbia got while being the Kingdom of Serbia. "It is like in a marriage - only marital property can be divided, and not what the spouses had before the marriage."

According to Vecernje Novosti, the facilities that Serbia has got so far are worth over USD 62.5 million. Croatia, for example, has got immovable assets worth 17.3 million. Also, the solutions for companies and citizens, foreign-exchange reserves and savings are not even close.

The division of diplomatic-consular offices has advanced furthest, but "only on paper." An agreement on who will get around 10 percent of 127 of these facilities is yet to be reached, but the owners still have not moved into more than a half of the buildings that have been divided.

What is also far from being resolved is the famous "Annex G," according to which the destiny of buildings and land of Serbian companies should be resolved, above all in Croatia, but also citizens' occupancy rights and old foreign currency savings. It has been estimated that around 400 Serbian companies claim their property on the Adriatic coast and in the rest of Croatia, the daily reported.

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